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Nintendo has announced its new YouTube revenue program

Nintendo hasn't been the most YouTuber friendly publisher out there but after quite a bit of backlash and reflection, the company is finally coming around to the idea that Let's Players should be able to make money off of Nintendo game footage- just as long as the publisher gets a cut. Nintendo's …

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Microsoft gives YouTubers permission to monetize gameplay

Microsoft has updated its Game Content Usage Rules, giving YouTuber's and Twitch streamers permission to monetize gameplay footage on all of its titles, although Minecraft, which the company recently acquired for $2.5 billion, has a slightly different set of rules. The new policy states that users can create work based …

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Let’s play friendly developer list published

In the wake of the news that Youtube had begun stripping ownership of many Let's Play videos away from video content producers, some developers and publishers have sided with the Youtubers and have been making a real effort to have those videos returned to their original owners. Not all though, …

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Nintendo is claiming ad money from Youtube user content

A Youtube user by the name of Zack Scott, who runs Let's Play videos on the site, has been targeted by Nintendo for using its games in his videos and the video game giant is now claiming advertising revenue from him, despite the fact that his commentary of the games is covered …

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