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Nintendo has announced its new YouTube revenue program

Nintendo hasn’t been the most YouTuber friendly publisher out there but after quite a bit of backlash and reflection, the company is finally coming around to the idea that Let’s Players should be able to make money off of Nintendo game footage- just as long as the publisher gets a cut.

Nintendo’s new sharing plan for YouTube revenue works in such a way that those looking to use the company’s game footage need to sign up, then Nintendo will take all of the ad revenue from the videos and send a portion of it back to the content creators.


To be fair, YouTubers still come out with the lion share of the ad revenue but given that game play commentary largely falls under fair use law, the whole thing still seems a bit backwards.

YouTubers will earn 70 per cent of ad revenue for registered channels and 60 per cent for individual videos. Payouts will be made by PayPal and can take up to two months to go through. Even with these restrictions, there are limitations on what games you can use to earn money.

Major titles like Super Smash Bros and Bayonetta 2 won’t be eligible for revenue earnings, which significantly diminishes earning potential, since those are two extremely relevant titles, which will likely receive a lot of views.

You can read more on Nintendo’s content creator program, HERE.

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KitGuru Says: While Nintendo’s new approach to YouTube is better, it isn’t ideal and will still end up scaring some away from producing Nintendo content. 

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  • Nintendo aren’t entitled to anything!

  • Jay

    If people use their property to make money then technically they are entitled to it, in fact Nintendo could take of all it if they wanted to.

  • Allexio

    well actually under fair use laws they are allowed to use the footage -.-‘

  • Hero9989

    Fair use states they can use the videos. Not that they’re allowed to make money out of it.

  • They’re not entitled to anything. They make their money on the selling of a game. Lets Plays is fair use, and thus they’re not entitled to anything.

  • Allexio

    are you sure? that theres actually something that says use but not profit? I once did some research into this but I forgot ^^’

  • ralph richardson


  • ralph richardson

    This is stupid. The people making the videos are pretty much free advertisement for Nintendo. Its nothing but greediness for them to want the free advertisement and charge people a fee at the same time.

  • logat890

    nintendo’s forming its own network! youtube policies put the effort on the back of creators! MEGAFAIL google!