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Gigabyte introduces Designare memory kits

Gigabyte’s Designare brand aimed at content creators has been expanded this week and now includes a range of memory modules sporting the Designare name, along with a sleek looking white aluminium heat spreader. Designare memory kits from Gigabyte comprise of common dual-rank modules that are fully compliant with industry-standard JEDEC …

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Nintendo has announced its new YouTube revenue program

Nintendo hasn't been the most YouTuber friendly publisher out there but after quite a bit of backlash and reflection, the company is finally coming around to the idea that Let's Players should be able to make money off of Nintendo game footage- just as long as the publisher gets a cut. Nintendo's …

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Steam Workshop makes creators $50 million richer

Valve's Steam Workshop was first launched in 2011 for Team Fortress 2 items and allows players of Valve and Steamworks-enabled games to download user-created content for their games. In Valve's own games you can also pay for some of these items and it seems that this can now be considered a success, …

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