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Gigabyte introduces Designare memory kits

Gigabyte’s Designare brand aimed at content creators has been expanded this week and now includes a range of memory modules sporting the Designare name, along with a sleek looking white aluminium heat spreader.

Designare memory kits from Gigabyte comprise of common dual-rank modules that are fully compliant with industry-standard JEDEC specifications and are equipped with XMP profiles, allowing them to be automatically configured to run at 3200MHz with 16-18-18-38 timings and voltage of 1.35v.

Content creators require a high density of RAM to deal with demanding tasks that include large data sets. Initially, Gigabyte has launched the kits in 64GB capacity with two 32GB modules per kit, to suit the needs of content creators. In true Gigabyte Designare fashion, this new memory series will offer the usual high performance while providing a more understated appearance compared to the gaudy RGB bling that often comes with ‘gaming’ branded component.

Gigabyte has rigorously tested and verified the new Designare RAM to ensure compatibility with the current mainstream desktop and High-end desktop platforms, such as AMD X570, AMD B450, AMD TRX40, Intel X299 and Z390 motherboards. Gigabyte suggests that on X570 and B450 platforms, only 3rd generation ‘Matisse’ processors will be able to handle Designare memory density.

Designare memory modules stand at 32mm tall and have been equipped with a black PCB and an understated white aluminium heat spreader that follows the Designare aesthetic approach. Gigabyte is covering the Designare memory kits with a lifetime warranty, However, pricing and availability have not been confirmed by Gigabyte yet.

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 KitGuru says: With Gigabyte offering Designare memory in 64GB kits, this means on quad-channel memory platforms a total of 256GB capacity will be possible by using multiple 64GB kits. What do you guys think of this Designare memory from Gigabyte?

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