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Gigabyte introduces Designare memory kits

Gigabyte’s Designare brand aimed at content creators has been expanded this week and now includes a range of memory modules sporting the Designare name, along with a sleek looking white aluminium heat spreader. Designare memory kits from Gigabyte comprise of common dual-rank modules that are fully compliant with industry-standard JEDEC …

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Apotop launches new S3C SSD range

Apotop, the Taiwanese creator of peripherals and creative gadgets is entering the Solid State Drive market with its new range of S3C drives. All S3C Sata III drives come equipped with the SM2246 controller Synchronous NAND Flash. These drives will be available in 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB variants and …

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Corsair Voyager Go 64GB flash drive

Go back just a single decade and you would find many high end gaming PC’s with 80GB boot drives or some with even smaller 36GB Raptor drives – for added performance. Today multi-terrabyte drives aren’t something we bat an eyelid at and most modern smartphones ship with tens of gigabytes …

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Adata and Kingston disect 32GB memory price jump

Most of the time, technology manufacturers keep the underlying cost of a product ‘masked’ from us, the consumers. When a component suffers a temporary increase in cost, that amount is swallowed and the price on the shelf remains the same.When the price drops, the manufacturers also hang onto the difference …

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Do 480GB SandForce SSDs leave you feeling unsatisfied?

Memory giant Corsair, made its name when it stumbled upon the idea that systems which can use 2 modules of memory (at the same time), would benefit if the memory itself was ‘twinned’ before sale. TwinX was born and Corsair sales went into overdrive. Now ADATA engineers claim to have …

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64GB SSD: Can you live with it?

Through all the high-end performance testing with dual SSD drives in RAID formation, and the ultra-high capacity, ultra high-speed  drives like the 240GB OCZ Vertex 2 weighing in around £590, KitGuru wanted to know how a plain and simple 64GB Crucial drive could impact every day performance. You know, quality …

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