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Overclockers UK and noblechairs on the look-out for talented creators

Ever since the online stream platforms such as Twitch became mainstream, we have seen some amazing characters presenting their personalities in public for all to see. Not everyone who places themselves in front of a camera to livestream footage will succeed – it takes a person with a real unique selling point to really stand out from the crowd.

With over 15 million viewers daily across the platform worldwide, Twitch has become hugely popular among gamers and social media influencers. Some of the stars of Twitch have become massive celebrities in their own circles with huge followings and have made some serious income along the way.

Overclockers UK and noblechairs are working with two up and coming Twitch streamers, who are jokingly referred to as the most ‘obscene' personalities on the platform. The pair are unintentionally breaking the Twitch terms of service by offending viewers whenever they are live on stream, with rather explicit language and physical gestures your mother would be ashamed of.

The streamers we are referring to are Sweet Anita and MrGregles, who are both full-time partners of the Twitch platform and are entertaining viewers several times per week. Sweet Anita began her streaming adventure in June 2018. Within months, she had over 40,000 followers on the platform and has since been recognised by Twitch celebs such as Pokimane and PewDiePie.

On the other hand, MrGregles has been live streaming for a number of years by entertaining viewers with his amazing improvisational drumming skills, which has kept his followers coming back for more. MrGregles is also well known for using the most cameras on Twitch ever!

Both these charismatic Twitch streamers have the uncommon neurological disorder, Tourette’s, which means while they are live streaming, they will unintentionally come out with repetitive sounds and movements known as tics. Quite often the tics include some rather tasty profanity and blasphemous language, which is uncontrollable for anyone who has Tourette’s.

However, the pair don’t take themselves too seriously and rather than feel down and depressed by the problem, they embrace it and so do their audience, as often the Tourette’s outbursts lead to some very embarrassing and extremely funny moments.

Overclockers and noblechairs had the chance to sit down with Sweet Anita and find out more about her streaming antics with a behind the scenes look at how she has used her Tourette’s to her advantage, while helping others with mental disorders along the way and building a strong community of followers on the streaming service. Overclockers UK are making a Youtube series called Creators Uncovered to look at what goes on behind the scenes with interesting content creators like Bad Obsession Motorsport, Sweet Anita and MrGregles. who have all featured on the series in the past.

“I work with many content creators, and it’s great to see Anita and Greg utilising their Tourette’s to their advantage, it’s refreshing to see them both talking about their issues openly by supporting others but at the same time raising positive awareness through their online communities.” said Steven ‘fiveub’ Levitt, UK Business Development Manager at noblechairs.

In addition, Steve “Lingy” Ling, Executive Director at Overclockers UK says, “We have a huge passion for games, we’re all gamers ourselves and we watch a lot of content online. It’s great to work with and support the creators of this content. We hope that our Creators Uncovered series will help promote their channels and inspire others to emulate their success.”

If you feel like you have the qualities of the content creators who have already been featured in the Overclockers UK Creators Uncovered broadcasts and would like to be involved in their next video, you can reach out to Overclockers UK to express your interest. Overclockers UK have an affiliate programme for content creators to earn money while promoting their brand.

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KitGuru says: With so many big streaming celebrities on platforms such as twitch these days, it can be difficult for new users to break through and reach their audience without a little help. If you think your streams have this unique appeal, get in touch with the guys at Overclockers and you could be the next to feature on their Creators Uncovered series. 

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