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Sony’s ‘Let’s Play’ trademark has been rejected for now

It recently came to light that Sony is attempting to trademark the term ‘Let's Play', a phrase that most are familiar with from YouTube as content creators create playthroughs of games. However, it seems that the US Patent and Trademark Office aren't satisfied with Sony's application and has rejected it- for now.

Sony wanted to trademark Let's Play, which would cover: “Electronic transmission and streaming of video games via global and local computer networks; streaming of audio, visual, and audiovisual material via global and local computer networks.”


However, the USPTO has responded refusing the trademark due to its similarity to an already existing one titled ‘LP Let'z Play', which covers similar uses and services.

Now this doesn't mean that Sony won't be able to trademark Let's Play, the company actually has six months to respond to the Patent and Trademark Office. In this response it will need to address complaints and differentiate its service from the ‘LP Let's Plays' trademark.

KitGuru Says: The idea that Sony could trademark the term ‘Let's Play' seems completely ridiculous. However, it sounds like Sony wants to use this name for an upcoming PlayStation feature, rather than to suddenly put a stop to video makers using the word Let's Play. Do you guys think Sony should be able to trademark Let's Play? 

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