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Publish a review and get money back for your MSI motherboard

There is never really a perfect ‘right time' to build a PC, but it can always be a bit frustrating when you miss a new deal or promotion by a couple of days or weeks. Fortunately, that won't be a problem with MSI's latest motherboard promotion, which gives buyers of Z370 or X299 motherboards a chance to get their money back.

For the next three months here in the UK, MSI is encouraging users to share reviews of their Z370 or X299 motherboards on qualifying retailer product pages, including Amazon, OCUK, SCAN etc. From there, each month, MSI will be going through and picking ten Z370 reviewers and five X299 reviewers and giving them the money back for their purchase. Winners will be picked on the 15th of each month for January, February and March.

This promotion is only open in the UK and winners will be announced over on MSI's Facebook page on the 15th of each month. This promotion applies to those who bought a Z370 or X299 motherboard back in 2017, so if you've got one, now would be a good time to exercise your writing skills. The cut off point for reviews is the 28th of February.

Once you've posted a review, you need to submit it to MSI over on the promotion landing page, HERE. You can also find more details on qualifying retail sites there.

KitGuru Says: You will need to provide proof of purchase etc to be eligible for this so keep that in mind. Good luck to those who decide to take part.

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