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Tobii eye-tracking tech is making its way in to more devices

Eye-tracking company, Tobii announced today that its software and hardware is at the point where it is ready to be implemented with consumer devices, like laptops, or possibly even virtual reality or augmented reality products in the future. Tobii has been well-known in this space for quite some time and has spent the last couple of years refining its technology.

In the past, Tobii has licensed out its technology to third-party companies, like Ubisoft. At one point, one of the Assassin's Creed games allowed you to pause by moving your gaze away from the screen, using Tobii's eye tracking technology.


Tobii Tech, the arm of the company dedicated to consumer devices, is now gearing up to try and get its eye tracking technology in to more devices over the next year. Device makers can already apply to receive the reference design information to prepare upcoming products for this technology.

We don't know exactly how people will decide to use this eye tracking technology just yet, or how useful it will be. Perhaps laptop makers could use it to see when you're looking away from the screen and automatically lower brightness levels to save on power. We may even see webcams begin to implement the technology, which means desktop users could then take advantage of eye tracking features in games.

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KitGuru Says: Tobii has been around for quite some time, I've even reported on the technology before. It is nice to finally see that it has matured to a point that it is ready for consumer devices. Though we have yet to see exactly how useful it could be. 

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