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Obama set to announce new privacy measures for citizens

A lot of privacy advocates got a little worried during the press-conference where US President Barack Obama addressed the Sony hack, as he stated that the security breach was exactly why extra online powers needed to be given to intelligence agencies to thwart those responsible. However, just a few weeks later and …

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Oculus VR talks consumer rift V2, cheaper V1

There were a lot of concerns from gamers about the future of Oculus VR when Facebook bought it from founder Palmer Luckey earlier this year for a cool $2 billion. People thought it would become a social networking device, or too much of a profit focused product, but it sounds …

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Analysts ponder 3% drop in chip market for 2012

While everyone seems to agree that 2013 will be lucky for most, 2012 is definitely turning into a disaster zone for most of the chip producers on the planet, in one way or another. Analysts at the Carnegie Group are now saying that they think they predicted 2012 to be …

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