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Ubisoft financial report shows PC and PS4 are its strongest platforms

Ubisoft had its quarterly earnings report late last week, revealing some interesting statistics. Overall, the company has seen a dip in sales during the first quarter, which is largely down to the lack of big releases. Ubisoft managed to make €96,6 million throughout Q1, which is down from the €360.1 million the company made during the same quarter last year, though this is down to the fact that Watch Dogs launched during that time.

However, that isn't really the interesting part, those results were to be expected. The interesting part is that Ubisoft broke down its sales percentage for each platform, showing that the PlayStation 4 and the PC seem to be making the most money for the company right now.


Sony's console takes the lead here thanks to strong sales since launch, pulling in 27 per cent of Ubisoft's game sales over the last three months. The PC on the other hand is the second strongest platform, despite all of the issues PC gamers have had with Ubisoft games over the last year. The PC platform holds 23 per cent of Ubisoft's game sales this quarter, with the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3 accounting for 11 per cent each.

This has come as somewhat of a surprise considering how poorly Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed: Unity were received by PC gamers last year. Things may not stay this way though, after all, this has been a slow quarter for game releases on Ubisoft's part, things could change when the holiday season hits.

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KitGuru Says: Well it would seem that Ubisoft's PC sales are still fairly strong despite all of the controversies over the last year or so. Hopefully this sales jump will end up convincing Ubisoft to take PC development a little more seriously.

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