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Valve talks Half-Life VR and why it might not happen

There has been a lot of exciting Valve news over the last week or so, the company just started demoing its own virtual reality headset, it showed off a new Portal technical demonstration running on the Source 2 engine and HTC managed to end up teasing a new Half-Life game but then later apologized for.

Now Valve programmer, Jeep Barnett, has discussed the possibility of a virtual reality Half-Life game and explained why it might not ever happen in a new interview with Kotaku. According to Barnett, Valve is “not saying ‘no'”, to Half-Life VR, but the company might not have the time.


“We’re not saying, ‘no’ but we don’t know what the right thing is yet. Our most precious resource is time, and we don’t have enough time for people to do everything. Would we like to make all of our franchises in VR? Absolutely but we don’t have enough time or people. So we have to figure out what’s the best fit, what plays to the strengths of VR.”

Valve is continuing to experiment with its current franchises and even new ones to see what a good fit for VR would be: “Is Half-Life a good fit? Is Left 4 Dead a good fit? Is a new franchise a good fit? I don’t know yet,” he said. “We’re really trying to cover the broad spectrum of what we could do, and then we’ll start focusing on spearheading that.”

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KitGuru Says: Valve is experimenting with putting its own franchises in virtual reality, which is great but it has been a pretty long time since we’ve seen a new Valve game. That said, Source 2 launching this year certainly seems to open the door for a future announcement. 

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