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WikiLeaks now lets you go through Sony’s leaked emails

The Sony hack that took place last year is without a doubt one of the most memorable in years. A group called ‘Guardians of Peace’ took Sony Pictures on in an effort to punish the company for making the movie ‘The Interview’.

Sony eventually overcame the hacks but the wounds won’t completely heal, as tons of vital company information was released on to the web and now WikiLeaks has archived the emails for the internet to remember and reference back to forever. The emails revealed many private conversations between actors, producers and other Sony executives.


Some of the emails rose to prominence due to racist and derogatory content. One Sony exec, Amy Pascal, actually stepped down from her position at Sony following the hacks.

All of these emails are now readable on WikiLeaks, users can search by term, user ID, attached files, or sender/recipient.

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KitGuru Says: Sony is back on its feet following the massive hack but its reputation will likely remain tarnished for some time, especially with all of these leaked emails freely available to anyone.

Source: Wikileaks

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