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New evidence points to North Korea being behind Sony 2014 hack

Back in 2014, Sony Pictures suffered from a massive cyber attack, which had long-lasting repercussions for the company. Now, over a full year later, some new evidence has come to light, tying the attack to a Korean malware campaign. Researchers over at Kaspersky and Alienvault Labs (via: Wired) managed to …

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Sony is trying to prevent spread of stolen data

Sony Pictures was hit by a high profile cyber attack recently, allowing hackers to steal and leak sensitive data, including financial documents, emails, passwords, unreleased movies, social security numbers and more. However, the company is ready to fight back and prevent this information from spreading further. According to Recode, locations …

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Sony to confirm North Korea as source of hack this week

It looks like Sony's investigation in to the attack on its internal systems last week is coming to a close as the company is reportedly preparing to officially name North Korea as the source of the attack. Sources close to the investigation have said to news site, Re/code, that the …

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Sony movies hit the web before cinema following hack

The hacking situation keeps getting worse for Sony Pictures as now DVD quality copies of four movies, three of which have yet to hit the cinema, have leaked online. High quality copies of Fury, Annie, Still Alice and Mr. Turner have all become available via torrent sites. These copies are …

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Hackers behind Sony Pictures attack release list of stolen files

Earlier this week it was revealed that Sony Pictures Entertainment had its internal network hijacked by a group known as GOP. The hack left a message on employee computers, demanding that its undisclosed requests be met, otherwise it would leak top secret information. Following this, several Sony controlled Twitter accounts …

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Sony Pictures hacked, internal information compromised

Sony Pictures has reportedly lost control of its desktop PCs, phone lines and a large portion of data following an attack from a hacker or possibly a group of hackers known as #GOP. The group is demanding some kind of ransom but information on specific requests is unfortunately not available currently. …

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