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Sony is trying to prevent spread of stolen data

Sony Pictures was hit by a high profile cyber attack recently, allowing hackers to steal and leak sensitive data, including financial documents, emails, passwords, unreleased movies, social security numbers and more. However, the company is ready to fight back and prevent this information from spreading further.

According to Recode, locations sharing the stolen data have become targets for new attacks set by Sony. The company is apparently using Amazon Web Service data centers to flood torrent files that contain stolen data with bad seeders, which will slow down download speeds and limit access to files.


Unfortunately for Sony, the leakers have already adapted to the flood of bad seeders. A few of the torrents using Amazon Web Service trackers have comments comments letting people know that the files are now traps from Sony and a new information dump was released on Wednesday, dodging the attacks by using a new file name.

So far, the FBI has remained unable to determine who was behind the attack on Sony Pictures, despite links to North Korea.

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KitGuru Says: Sony is going to struggle to control the spread of stolen information this late in the game. To make things worse, the FBI can't even track down who is responsible. Do you guys think the Sony Pictures hackers will get caught? Do you think Sony will be able to regain control over its stolen data? 

Source: Re/code

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