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Xbox Console Streaming on Android is now open to Insider testers globally

While Project xCloud gains the most headlines as Microsoft's big all-encompassing cloud streaming solution, Xbox Console Streaming is also a very nice feature. Streaming from an Xbox console to a PC has been available for a while now but enabling streaming to smartphones is a newer feature, which is now rolling out globally. 

The Xbox Console Streaming preview was announced back in October, opening up to US and UK based Xbox Insiders. Now this week, Microsoft is taking the preview program global, allowing Xbox Insiders in any country to begin streaming their console games to an Android smartphone with Bluetooth controller support.

There are some requirements to keep in mind, you will need a smartphone running on Android Marshmallow or newer, a Bluetooth Xbox One controller and be opted in to the Xbox Insider Update Preview ring, which means running beta software on your console.

Console streaming also relies on your home internet connection, so you will need decent broadband, although it may be a tad easier than full-on cloud streaming from a data centre hundreds of miles away.

KitGuru Says: All of these streaming preview programs from Xbox have made me slightly disappointed that I chose iPhone for my last upgrade. Have any of you tried the Console Streaming or Project xCloud previews? How has your experience been? 

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