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HDR10+ is coming soon to a screen near you

HDR is a feature that must be seen to be believed, offering fantastic colour depth that is simply unrivalled by SDR screens. Soon, you will start to see HDR10+ rated panels as manufacturers now have access to a royalty-free programme that will allow them to prove their TVs match the new standard.

With a newly released programme, manufacturers of TVs and other devices can now gain HDR10+ certification. The new HDR10+ certification is completely royalty-free, so companies can now inexpensively support higher than 10-bit colour on their panels and advertise it as such.

When it comes to HDR, Dolby Vision certification is currently the best a TV can get. The HDR10 standard only allows for 10-bit colour, whereas Dolby’s Vision maxes at 12-bit. The issue with Dolby Vision is that you must pay to gain the certification, so fewer TVs support it, while many do support HDR10. With the new HDR10+ certification coming into play, we'll see more TV makers match the quality offered by more expensive Dolby Vision models.

LG was happy to pay these certification fees for Dolby Vision, but other companies, such as Samsung and Panasonic, were more apprehensive. It is not clear when we will start seeing panels with the HDR10+ certification, but we'll hopefully get a good look at a few of them during CES in January.

KitGuru Says: This is great news for HDR lovers everywhere, 12-bit colour support on a wider array of TVs. Are any of you currently in the market for a new TV? Will you be waiting for HDR10+ to start rolling out? 

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