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Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition Review

The capture software by Arcsoft hasn't changed much over the years. The first screen allows you to alter the capture settings (there was no input at this point). For instance, you can save the file as either .M2TS or .TS or .MP4

There are several device options including altering the video standard available from the Device Settings button.

There is a large range of options under Format Settings; allowing you to alter resolution bit rates and much much more. Unfortunately, the page is clearly set-up to be viewed on a 1080p monitor as it cuts off the bottom part of the page which has the Apply, Ok and Cancel options.

On the edit page you can review and make adjustments to the video you have just captured. While these options aren't that comprehensive in terms of video editing, they give you most of the options that you would want before uploading a video to Youtube, for instance.

On the produce page you can create finalised HD files, or upload straight to Youtube (once you have set it up).

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