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No release for ARMA III developers until 20th

The release date for the two Bohemia developers currently being held in a Greek Prison on charges of spying on military installations, has been delayed due to strikes involving those in the Greek Justice System, meaning they're unlikely to be freed until the 20th October at the earliest.

The lawyer for both Ivan Buchata and Martin Pezlar, Panagiotis Eleftherioy, has been speaking with the official freedom campaign website. He said that: “As many of you know, the justice system in Greece is on indefinite strike. These strikes last at least until October 20. According to Greek law, a case has to be on trial within 120 days after arrest.”

Buchata and Pezlar. Source: Helpivanmartin.org

He also said that the best thing fans of the developers and their games could do, would be to email or contact the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs and their local embassy, as well as sending in freely available images of military bases on the island of Limnos. Considering both Buchata and Pezlar were arrested for photographing military bases, this could prove the ridiculousness of their charges.

So far the petition requesting their release has reached 12,000 signatures and is steadily growing.

KitGuru Says: Have any of you guys corresponded with anyone to help the freedom effort? If so let us know what the response was.

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