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Day Z forums hacked, emails, passwords exposed

The official forums for Day Z have been hacked, with email addresses, usernames and passwords for all accounts made vulnerable. As a security measure the forums have now been closed while the flaw is fixed, and all users are being encouraged to change their security information anywhere else where it was …

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DayZ is going to get harder

Following on from the success of the DayZ standalone alpha launch, which has seen over a million people pay for the sandbox zombie survival sim since its release just over a month ago, Dean Hall, the original mod's creator has been talking about the game's future development in a Reddit …

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DayZ standalone sells 173k in 24 hours

The standalone version of DayZ launched yesterday, with its creator, Dean “Rocket,” Hall suggesting that only the hardcore fans should drop £20 on it, as it is in a very early alpha stage and is therefore not fully featured or even that polished at the moment, but it is at …

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Personal information exposed in ARMA website attack

ARMA I, II and III, developer Bohemia Interactive, has announced that its website was hit by hackers and that some personal information may have been copied out from its user database. As a safety precaution, it has announced that all passwords will be reset. “We have unfortunately discovered that an …

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ARMA III devs finally released from Greek jail

Bohemia Devs

The two Bohemia developers that were arrested for suspected espionage and photographing a military base on the island of Lemnos, have finally been set free after over four months of being held captive – despite the fact that they were merely doing research for upcoming games ARMA III and DayZ. …

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No release for ARMA III developers until 20th


The release date for the two Bohemia developers currently being held in a Greek Prison on charges of spying on military installations, has been delayed due to strikes involving those in the Greek Justice System, meaning they're unlikely to be freed until the 20th October at the earliest. The lawyer …

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Day Z gets standalone game

Day Z Official

Day Z, the zombie survival, permadeath mod for the three year old ARMA II, has now finally been given the go ahead as a full game. The original creator of the mod, Dean “Rocket” Hall will be the project lead, with ARMA II creator, Bohemia handling the publishing. The announcement …

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