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ARMA III devs finally released from Greek jail

The two Bohemia developers that were arrested for suspected espionage and photographing a military base on the island of Lemnos, have finally been set free after over four months of being held captive – despite the fact that they were merely doing research for upcoming games ARMA III and DayZ.

While spending their 128 days behind Greek bars, Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar faced a potential further 20 years if found guilty of the crimes they were said to have committed. Fortunately that looks less likely now, as while they have technically only been released on bail, they are allowed to return to their native Czech Republic which should keep them far enough from Greek prosecution to matter.

Bohemia Devs
The two developers have seen a lot of support from the gaming community

Greece certainly has many other problems to be sorting out than wayward game scouts.

Apparently the whole thing was organised through a conversation between the Greek and Czech Prime Ministers. Bohemia has yet to officially release a statement, but developer of DayZ, Dean Hall spoke out on twitter:

“Ivan and Martin have been bailed after 128 days! This is the greatest news I could ever receive! Can't wait to see them.” He also linked to the official update site for the pair's release: HelpIvanMartin.org.

KitGuru Says: Good to see the boys released. Presumably they'll be less keen on volunteering for scout duty on future Bohemia projects now.

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