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Pirate Bay founder found guilty in hacking trial

Gottfrid Svartholm, the founder of notorious torrent site, The Pirate Bay, has been found guilty of hacking crimes by a Danish Court. Svartholm and an unnamed accomplice were found to have illegally accessed systems operated by IT company, CSC. The TPB founder was originally arrested way back in 2012, so …

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Counter Strike stream interrupted by SWAT team

Last night, Jordan “Kootra” Mathewson, was arrested by a SWAT team while live streaming Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The police had received a hoax phone call claiming that Mathewson had shot two co-workers and was holding the rest hostage. The caller also stated that the live streamer would shoot at the …

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Apple Store staff arrested in $500k stolen iPhone scheme

Seven Apple Store employees and one Best Buy worker have been arrested in Florida and charged with selling stolen iPhones. The seven Apple staff members worked at a store in Fort Lauderdale and apparently took part in a scam to trade legitimate iPhones for stolen ones. The scheme supposedly generated …

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UK police arrest man for running a proxy server

The UK Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit has made its first arrest under the new ‘Operation Creative' initiative to fight piracy on behalf of the entertainment industry. A 20 year old man from Nottinghamshire has was arrested on suspicion of copyright infringement for hosting a proxy server, which allowed access …

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The first Heartbleed hacker has been arrested

The Heartbleed bug has been around for a couple of years but it caused quite a stir when it was publicly revealed last week. However, there had been no reports of people abusing the bug until now, a Canadian hacker has become the first person to get arrested for abusing …

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Anti-games politician arrested for gun trafficking

Leland Yee, a California State Senator famous for campaigning against violent video games such as Grand Theft Auto, has been arrested on Corruption and gun trafficking charges. The FBI conducted a raid of San Francisco's Chinatown district and then took computers and documents from Yee's office in the state capitol. …

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ARMA III devs finally released from Greek jail

Bohemia Devs

The two Bohemia developers that were arrested for suspected espionage and photographing a military base on the island of Lemnos, have finally been set free after over four months of being held captive – despite the fact that they were merely doing research for upcoming games ARMA III and DayZ. …

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