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G2A Direct is proving popular with developers


G2A Direct, the developer partnership program twinned with the G2A game key seller, is proving popular. To date it has signed up 50 production companies and individuals and that's actually proving difficult for the platform provider, which claims it didn't expect anywhere near such a positive response. Launched in July …

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Kerbal Space Program devs have all jumped ship at once


Kerbal Space Program might be one of the biggest indie success stories of recent years, but that hasn't been able to keep developers at the studio that made it. Eight developers have announced their departure from Squad at once, leaving the company essentially gutted of all its major staff. Kerbal …

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Indie’s impress at EGX 2014

If you've read my earlier quick coverage of the AAA offerings at EGX 2014, you'll know I wasn't impressed by the idea of standing around all day. That wouldn't make for much in the way of interesting content for you guys and it certainly wouldn't have made for a fun …

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Saints Row 4 gets official mod support- Devs release SDK

Saints Row IV is getting official modding support today as Volition Studios has released a software development kit to get the community started. The kit includes weapon models for the upcoming Gat out of Hell expansion pack, meaning we could see modded versions of new weapons before they are even …

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Developers can now set their own Steam discounts

Valve is handing developers the tools to set their own discounts and sales on Steam, the company has confirmed. This information came to light after a developer posted this screenshot on Reddit: The page is only accessible by developers that have published games through the Steam service and explains how …

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New Wii U bundles coming to the UK

We can all agree the Wii U is the underdog of the “next” generation. It came out a year early and for the longest time some people didn't know it existed, others thought it was just a new Wii and others were waiting for the game library to improve. To …

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How a game demo can harm a release

They were the staples of free gifts with gaming magazines for years and now, how many a game pirate will justify their reason for downloading a game before potentially buying it later on. Game demos have been around for a long time. However one man is suggesting that releasing a …

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ARMA III devs finally released from Greek jail

Bohemia Devs

The two Bohemia developers that were arrested for suspected espionage and photographing a military base on the island of Lemnos, have finally been set free after over four months of being held captive – despite the fact that they were merely doing research for upcoming games ARMA III and DayZ. …

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Cliff Blezinski to set up own studio

Cliff Blezinski

Cliff Blezinski, the guy behind Unreal Tournament and Gears of War, left Epic Games in October and has been fielding offers from other studios left and right since. However, now he's suggesting that it's only a matter of time until he starts his own studio. At the time of his …

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No release for ARMA III developers until 20th


The release date for the two Bohemia developers currently being held in a Greek Prison on charges of spying on military installations, has been delayed due to strikes involving those in the Greek Justice System, meaning they're unlikely to be freed until the 20th October at the earliest. The lawyer …

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