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ARMA 3 update lets you play an angry god

Not really, but you get god powers at least, with the introduction of a new DLC package known as Zeus, that opens up all sorts of backend functions, letting the games master introduce new objectives, throw lightning bolts and just generally swan about with the infinite power of a deity. …

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ARMA III devs finally released from Greek jail

Bohemia Devs

The two Bohemia developers that were arrested for suspected espionage and photographing a military base on the island of Lemnos, have finally been set free after over four months of being held captive – despite the fact that they were merely doing research for upcoming games ARMA III and DayZ. …

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No release for ARMA III developers until 20th


The release date for the two Bohemia developers currently being held in a Greek Prison on charges of spying on military installations, has been delayed due to strikes involving those in the Greek Justice System, meaning they're unlikely to be freed until the 20th October at the earliest. The lawyer …

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Bohemia Interactive scouts arrested by Greek authorities


Two members of staff from ARMA developer, Bohemia Interactive, have been arrested by authorities for espionage on a military installation on an island off the Greek coast, called Lemnos. Apparently the island is set to feature in the next instalment of the ARMA series, with the two staff members – believed both …

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