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Aria cuts prices to tempt even more spending

While the UK is still looking forward to the credit card bills that will accompany a record breaking Boxing Day push of £2.6 billion, online retailers are not giving up hope that us consumers will consider one last wafer-thin-mint. KitGuru says ‘Better. Better get a bucket’.

Shakespeare wrote of Cleopatra, Other women cloy the appetites they feed, but she makes hungry where most she satisfies”. Essentially, there are a lot of things in the world that will make you feel phat/stuffed/totally uninterested in more – but there is also a rare subset of products/people where the more you get, the more you want.

Welcome to technology.

While we may well have spent ourselves silly before, during and after Xmas – that doesn’t mean that we won’t stop looking.

To help feed the addiction, British reseller Aria has engaged in some cut-price temptation therapy and – among the scrolling screen of offers – there are some that really do grab your eye. See if your opinion matches ours for these four:-

24″ Dell Professional Panel down from £191 to £167 – but it’s actually listed at £238 on Dell’s own site. Apparently it’s also arsenic free, which is good to know

Cooler Master Elite 343 Micro-ATX chassis down to £25 – while even the wily coyotes at Amazon are asking for more than £36. We’re not going to ask about arsenic this time – we’re just going to assume that it’s not present

When KitGuru first considered reviewing the latest A10 APU from AMD, the mainboard supplied cost around £110. You can now get a high-quality alternative from Gigabyte for less than half that price, at just £49.

Not to be left out, if you wanted to hit the high end with an Asus P8Z77-V LE board, then Aria has cancelled the old £125 price point and gone with a much more palatable £109. Which was nice.

Naturally, you don’t need to hit Aria for all your kit – most of the UK’s online retail champions will be running deals through to January and – from what we can tell – there may never have been a better time for you to build/upgrade/augment.

The actual price cuts run across Aria’s full range – and even include overclocked MSI GTX660 Ti cards.

Dell has a reputation for high quality TFTs and low pricing. When you see just how much cheaper Aria is than Dell, we think you'll be (pleasantly) surprised. The other prices are nice too, so 'Why spend more?'


KitGuru says: Right now, hardcore KitGuru readers will be looking around their box and thinking, “OK, so I have 2x spare sticks of memory, an old 120GB SSD, a 500w PSU and a spare CPU. Do I really feel like making ANOTHER system?”   To which we already know the answer. It’s an addiction and it demands to be fed.

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