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Xbox One manufacture more expensive than PS4

If you wondered why Microsoft's Xbox One has a higher price tag than Sony's PS4, it's not just because the Xbox comes with a Kinect camera, it's also because the Xbox One costs quite a lot more to manufacture in the first place. At least that's what the report from …

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Asus ends 2012 on top of UK component market

At KitGuru, we're always playing the ‘old geezer' card, using our grey hair and pot-bellies to bring back factoids from yesteryear. That means we can remember a time when current Asus board-level executives were driving up and down the UK countryside – working hard to generate any mainboard orders they …

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Foxconn confirms bribery investigation


Foxconn has confirmed that it is currently undergoing an internal investigation, as well as one from the Chinese police forces, into whether staff at the company took bribes from suppliers. So far one man has been detained, with the Taiwanese manufacturer apparently investigating a further 10 individuals. According to Next …

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Aria cuts prices to tempt even more spending

While the UK is still looking forward to the credit card bills that will accompany a record breaking Boxing Day push of £2.6 billion, online retailers are not giving up hope that us consumers will consider one last wafer-thin-mint. KitGuru says ‘Better. Better get a bucket'. Shakespeare wrote of Cleopatra, …

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Target Components announces record revenues

In a world full of doom and gloom, it's nice to see a little rainbow glow coming from Castleford. With today's announcement, Target Components can draw a positive line under its efforts in recent years, to combat the nation's negativity and offer something a little more chirpy. KitGuru peers through …

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