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Foxconn confirms bribery investigation

Foxconn has confirmed that it is currently undergoing an internal investigation, as well as one from the Chinese police forces, into whether staff at the company took bribes from suppliers. So far one man has been detained, with the Taiwanese manufacturer apparently investigating a further 10 individuals.

According to Next Magazine, the investigation involves the buying of surface-mount components. This led to the detention of one employee back in September, but many more are now under investigation. Foxconn has also shut down its involvement with suppliers it believes could have been had something to do with the bribery.

Foxconn has been targeted by protesters in the past for the way it treats its workforce

Foxconn released a statement, saying that the integrity of its employees was a serious matter and that it planned to prosecute any of them that were found to have taken part in any sorts of illegal activity. It also promised to carry out a full review of its policies, in order to “strengthen such measures to further mitigate against such actions.”

Of course this isn't the first time Foxconn has been embroiled in scandal, though it usually involves the higher ups instead of ground floor employees. Back in October last year, we heard how Foxconn had employed 14 year old children to manufacture its products and that it was pushing to have one of its brain damaged employees moved to a different medical facility where he would receive less than stellar care.

KitGuru Says: This one doesn't look as bad for Foxconn as all the other stories we've covered, but it's hardly good news. Who's betting that the bribery extends far higher up the food chain than it's being made out?

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