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Pebble watch to ship this January

The Pebble watch, which so enamoured funders back in April 2012, is now ready to ship and will begin landing on the doorsteps of backers in the coming month. No word on what date they’ll actually begin leaving the Pebble HQ, but it will be in January.

Raising over $10 million (£6 million) more than its $100,000 requested funds, the little e-ink Pebble watch became one of the site’s earliest and biggest success stories. Using a similar technology to Ebook readers to allow for a huge battery life, the little wrist strapped devices can hook up with smartphones and apps to display differing information while on the move – supplanting the smartphone itself as the go-to device for quick access to information.

Finally. Watches won't just be fashion statements any more.

It was initially thought that the little smart-device would ship in September 2012, but there were some delays. As Wired points out, backers will receive stock priority with the first shipment, followed by those that made pre-orders.

C0nsidering it was one of the biggest success stories that crowd funding website Kickstarter ever had, it will be good to see the Pebble watch finally ship to customers.

KitGuru Says: Did any of you guys back or pre-order one of these? Its interesting how watches have dissapeared over the past decade as smartphones became the way of checking the time. However there’s nothing quite as convenient as just looking at your wrist.

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