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The Pebble Time smartwatch is now available in the UK

Pebble found success a couple of years ago after successfully crowd funding its smartwatch and it seems things have only gone up since then. Earlier this year, the company went for another round of crowd funding, this time in order to create its next smartwatch, the Pebble Time, which was funded …

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Apple is booting Pebble supporting apps from its store

Apple is currently outright rejecting apps that openly support the Pebble smartwatch on the iOS app store. Considering that the Apple Watch also officially released today, it isn't hard to figure out why the company is doing this either. A developer earlier this week got an email from Apple, saying …

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New Pebble smartwatch crowd funded in half an hour

The new Pebble smartwatch was announced today, it is called Pebble Time and will cost $199 with a color display and a brand new interface. The watch launched on Kickstarter earlier this afternoon and has already raised over $1,000,000. The crowd funding project was asking for $500,000 but it seems …

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The Pebble Smartwatch can now run Android Wear apps

The Pebble is about to get a bit more exciting, it has a long battery life, its affordable and now its compatible with apps built for Google's own wearable operating system, Android Wear. Compatibility comes via the latest update to the Pebble App on the Google Play Store. Version 2.3 …

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Pebble watch to ship this January


The Pebble watch, which so enamoured funders back in April 2012, is now ready to ship and will begin landing on the doorsteps of backers in the coming month. No word on what date they'll actually begin leaving the Pebble HQ, but it will be in January. Raising over $10 …

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