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The Pebble Time smartwatch is now available in the UK

Pebble found success a couple of years ago after successfully crowd funding its smartwatch and it seems things have only gone up since then. Earlier this year, the company went for another round of crowd funding, this time in order to create its next smartwatch, the Pebble Time, which was funded within half an hour. Now the watch is available in the UK.

Pre-orders for the Pebble Time are now live in the UK, while units will begin shipping out on the 20th of July. While Apple has managed to strike it rich with its expensive line of Apple Watches, Pebble offers a more basic but cheaper smartwatch at £189.


The Pebble Time brings plenty of notable improvements, including a colour screen, a week-long battery life, iOS/Android compatibility and a microphone for activating commands, sending messages or taking notes. Aside from that, the Pebble Time design is around 20 percent thinner and lighter than the original Pebble.

The base line Pebble Time is plastic but a slightly more expensive Pebble Time Steel will eventually be available, which will be a bit thicker and heavier, although we don't have a UK price on that just yet.

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KitGuru Says: The Pebble has been pretty well received for many, although it isn't quite as advanced as the new watches coming from Apple or Google's Android partners. Then again, when it comes to smartwatches, many people don't find a lot of use in many of the features present in Android Wear or the Apple Watch. What do you guys think of the Pebble? Do any of you own a smartwatch at all?

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