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The Pebble Smartwatch can now run Android Wear apps

The Pebble is about to get a bit more exciting, it has a long battery life, its affordable and now its compatible with apps built for Google's own wearable operating system, Android Wear. Compatibility comes via the latest update to the Pebble App on the Google Play Store.

Version 2.3 of the Pebble App now brings Android Wear compatibility, allowing the smartwatch to run apps built for the operating system. This means you can now view and reply to notifications on your paired Android device on the Pebble and Pebble Steel, just as you would on something like the Moto 360 or LG's G Watch.


However, the Pebble does not have a touch screen, so you will still be stuck with physical button navigation, you will also be tied down to pre-made responses, which you can set up five of on Android.

The new Pebble App also brings along some stability fixes, making the device more responsive and less prone to issues. However, this is just the first step as Pebble is planning a huge software update for later on this year.

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KitGuru Says: The Pebble was generally well received, although it does lack some of the functionality that the newer smartwatches have. Right now, the Moto 360 seems to be the most popular option for those wanting an Android Wear device. Do any of you guys own a Pebble? What do you think of it? 

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