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The KitGuru Fo[email protected] team is closing in on the top 150, could you help us out?

Since we published an article on [email protected] in January, the KitGuru team managed by Andrew, otherwise known as ‘LimeyGeorge’, has managed to climb in the official rankings thanks to the support of the kind folks who donate their time and PC resources to a great cause. With a little more help the team could crack the top 150 very soon.

For those who have not heard a word about [email protected] before, it is a project that originally started at Stanford University where users can volunteer by downloading a piece of software and donating some of their PC resources to help create a virtual ‘supercomputer’ made up of thousands of networked PCs. These systems join together to perform protein folding simulations, scientists then use this data in the research to find cures for diseases like cancer, ALS, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, Influenza and more.

[email protected] is a quick and easy way for you guys to help in the fight against diseases across the world, by installing a small piece of software on your PC that will help solve complicated calculations and provides a novel computational way to develop new drugs.

Since we last checked on the official [email protected] stats page, the KitGuru team has moved up a couple of places and now proudly sits in 153rd position, with a little more help from you guys we could soon crack the top 150 and who knows, we could go even higher. Our very own LimeyGeorge (Andrew) is our top-ranked Folder and is also in the top 850 [email protected] contributors worldwide, which is an incredible achievement.

If you are interested in joining the KitGuru Folding team, or any other [email protected] group to become part of this amazing project, then you can register to get up and running HERE. If you want to join us, the KitGuruFolders team ID is 196420.

Discuss on our Facebook page HERE.

KitGuru says: LimeyGeorge (Andrew) and the KitGuru team appreciate all the help they can get in the fight against disease with [email protected], could you spare a little time and some PC resources to help this great cause?

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