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Aussie ISP stands up to copyright lobyist bullies

An Australian Internet Service Provider (ISP), iiNet, has walked out of talks with copyright lobbyist groups, claiming that it shouldn’t have to “perform work on their [copyright holder’s] behalf,” and that instead, the real problem behind piracy in the country was down to the limited legal availability of much of the protected content.

“The conversation has failed to move on,” said iiNet’s chief regulatory officer, Steve Dalby. “Infringements are a symptom – access is the problem.” He went on to explain that bringing cost effective and timely accessibility to consumers was the most effective method to curb piracy – and that iiNet was happy to assist in that venture.

“iiNet has repeatedly and publicly called on the studios and content owners to enter into commercial discussions for the digital distribution of their desirable content,” he said (via TorrentFreak). “The law as it stands has given clarity; this whole idea that people will wait 12-18 months; consumers are just not buying it. You’ve got to address what is now a broken model from the last century.”

Steve Dalby
I don't need to say it, but Steve is the man

However this wasn’t the only reason that iiNet refused to continue talks with copyright holders. Dalby also insisted that his company wouldn’t store information on its customers. “Collecting and retaining additional customer data at this level is inappropriate, expensive and most importantly, not our responsibility,” he said.

Perhaps summing it up best, he continued by saying that it’s “not iiNet’s job to play online police.”

Australia isn’t the only place where copyright lobbyists are butting heads with ISPs. Just last week we warned how Canada needed to get ready for a storm of anti-piracy legal action thanks to the ever trigger happy Voltage Pictures

KitGuru Says: Anyone else wishing that iiNet provided a service in the UK? I’d sign up simply because it sounds like my rights and data would be well protected.

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