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Facebook is getting video adverts

If you guys weren’t annoyed enough at the incessant inclusion of video based adverts on sites like Youtube, then get ready, because your favourite social network is about to get them too. That’s right, this summer, Facebook will be displaying 15 second video adverts within news feeds.

But what could make such an announcement even better? The first advert you see each day will auto-play, so you don’t even have a choice of whether you’ll see the promotional material or not. Fortunately, Facebook has at least set it so that audio is automatically turned off, but if you do find you want to listen in, don’t worry, Facebook will reset the ad if you turn the audio back on.

Who looked at the internet and said, “we need more of this” ?

None of this has been officially announced by Facebook as of yet, but the Financial Times (via Telegraph) is citing sources close to the site’s developers that video ads are coming soon. Pricing wise it’s expected to be around $20 per thousand video views, which makes it a bit more cost effective than current TV advertising plans. This would make sense, since TV advertising is something a lot of big websites are now actively competing against.

KitGuru Says: At least the audio is turned off on the auto-play ads. It’s so annoying to have a tab suddenly come alive with sound and you have no idea which one is blaring away at you with something obnoxious. 

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  • EssAre

    Adblock, Ghostery and NoScript – all very useful browser add-ons.

  • KRodgers

    I use an add on from socialfixer dot com so as I can have facebook the way I want it without any adverts, no doubt the guy who makes social fixed will make it possible to remove this latest annoyance they have planned.