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GameStation online shop shuts doors 29th October

The website for high street game retail outlet, GameStation, will be closed officially this time next week, continuing the shut down of the entire chain and its conversion to GAME outlets.

Anyone that has a Gamestation account or existing preorders, will have them transferred to GAME's website and any outstanding Gamestation Elite XP reward points will also be made available as part of the GAME reward scheme.

Sleep well sweet prince

Unfortunately because all the locations are simply being converted to GAME, there are unlikely to be much in the way of end-of-life deals to be found, but those nostalgic for their local Gamestation might find it worth the trip.

KitGuru Says: Quite a few people have a nostalgic image of Gamestation, as a location that was more specialised than GAME and featured more knowledgeable, friendlier and less pushy staff than other game retail outlets. However consolidating under the one banner makes sense for GAME, a company that needs to find ways to remain relevant in an increasingly online marketplace.

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