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Telltale has shed even more staff without severance

After the closure of Telltale Games, approximately 25 members of staff were kept on to fulfil various obligations left by the studio. Unfortunately, it seems that more staff have been made redundant since, reducing the skeleton crew even further. Narrative designer Rachel Noel took to Twitter on Thursday to reveal …

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Video game developers take a stand against poor working conditions


Telltale’s unexpected closure has sparked numerous debates across social media, all centred around working conditions within the video game industry. The most recent #AsAGamesWorker hashtag collects criticism from professionals in hopes of putting “the well being of game developers in the forefront.” Two weeks ago, 225 professional developers lost their …

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Lionhead Studios is officially closing down today

After two decades as a staple game studio here in the UK, producing franchises like Black and White as well as Fable, Lionhead Studios is officially closing its doors today. We learned last month that Microsoft was ‘proposing' its closure after the cancellation of Fable Legends and now, it seems that …

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Rapidshare will close. No longer feels like sharing


Filesharing sites tend to have pretty short lives, with most popular sites being forced to call it a day after a few years at most. Rapidshare has been though its share of ups and downs, but it has been around for a long time now, since it was first founded in 2002 …

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Mobile and internet banking on rise, primes branch closures

Mobile and internet banking are bigger than ever before in the UK, with savers and payers around the country transacting over a billion pounds a day using the internet. However, this is leading to a downturn in those visiting branches and that's not good news for banking employees. It's expected …

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Japanese authorities to investigate Mt Gox closure

After the strange demise of bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox, Japanese authorities have pledged to investigate what happened to its business and the funds of its customers, many of whom lost hundreds and thousands of pounds worth of the digital currency when first Gox halted all withdrawals and finally shut down …

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Blockbuster finally closing all stores this weekend

If you've never visited a Blockbuster but it was on your list of things to do before you die, you better do it this weekend as by Monday, every single one of the chain's last remaining stores will permanently shut down. For good this time. It's not coming back. This …

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Aliens Colonial Marines developer is no more

Don't worry Gearbox fans, the Dungeon Siege developer is alive and well, it's Timegate, the one that they farmed out a lot of the mechanics to, has shut down following its bankruptcy filing last week, with all staff laid off and everyone sent home early. There's no official announcement on …

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More HMV store closures announced

Deloitte, the administrator for beleaguered tech firm HMV, has announced the closure of another 37 outlets, meaning another 464 staff will be let go in the process. This brings the total number of shuttered stores to over 100, on top of the closure of all ROI outlets. This latest move …

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HMV.com is taken down by administrators

HMV Notice

You know it's the end where the simple to maintain website is taken down. Administrators for HMV, Deloitte, have now killed off the HMV.com website, leading it with a simple message explaining that until further notice, the website would no longer be in operation. HMV staff have said in the …

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GameStation online shop shuts doors 29th October


The website for high street game retail outlet, GameStation, will be closed officially this time next week, continuing the shut down of the entire chain and its conversion to GAME outlets. Anyone that has a Gamestation account or existing preorders, will have them transferred to GAME's website and any outstanding …

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