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Google is suing BT for copyright infringement

Normally when I cover infringement stories here at Kitguru, it’s to do with patent arguments between Apple and Samsung, or artists taking a pop at The Pirate Bay, but today it’s two giant companies facing off which could end with fireworks. Google, has put BT in its sights, as part of a counter-legal-attack against BT’s own patent infringement claims against Google from last year.

It’s quite rare for Google to voluntarily enter a court room, as it hasn’t counter sued in previous instances of patent infringement claims against the search giant. However in this instance it has. Speaking with Reuters, a Google spokesperson said:

“We have always seen litigation as a last resort, and we work hard to avoid lawsuits, but BT has brought several merit-less patent claims against Google and our customers—and they’ve also been arming patent trolls.”

BT Vs Google
Maybe they should both sue over having a fancy coloured logo

BT previously accused Google of infringing on its mobile patents with a variety of products, including the Android operating system, GMail email service and Google Maps. While that lawsuit is still ongoing, Google’s counter claim makes it possible for a much more decisive victory, one way or the other. As now if either party loses, they would ultimately lose their patents, instead of initially, only Google being threatened with that outcome.

KitGuru Says: It’s interesting that Google is getting so counter-aggressive in this instance. Perhaps it is worried that it may lose the initial suit?

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