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BT and Openreach are being legally separated

Over the years, BT has often come under fire for its operation of Openreach, the backbone of the UK's internet infrastructure. Upgrades to the lines have been slow and other ISPs who rely on OpenReach have also accused BT of providing a poor service. Now, after a lengthy regulatory battle, …

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Big ISPs to start sending out piracy warning letters


The big four internet service providers (ISP) in the UK have agreed to voluntarily begin sending out warning letters to customers that are suspected of piracy. That means customers of Sky, BT, Virgin Media and TalkTalk may now receive a warning if their IP address is thought to be involved …

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£440 million will get fibre to 600,000 more homes


Over half a million homes in the UK will gain access to fiber internet access for the first time, following an investment of some £440 million by the government. Although not entirely ‘new money' the returned subsidies and £160 million of cost savings will give BT Openreach plenty of extra …

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Ofcom wants to split up BT and Openreach


Back in July, UK communications regulator Ofcom set its sights on BT and ordered the ISP to make itself more independent from Openreach. At first, BT complied and said that it would work on addressing these complaints but in the time since then, little has been done, forcing Ofcom to …

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BT is taking Valve to court over patent infringement


British Telecom (BT) has announced that it's taking Valve to court, over what it claims are patent infringements by the longtime game developer and publisher. While there does seem to be some merit to the suit, all of the patents are rather generic, so there will likely be some wiggle …

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BT internet outage hits customers and PlusNet users


An outage somewhere in BT's monstrous network has seen thousands of people unable to make it online this morning, also delivering the knock-on effect of having a similar problem with PlusNet users, who also reside on BT's network. Although the ISP has been attempting to fix the problem since early …

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BT is facing a broadband outage across the UK

If you happen to have BT as your ISP here in the UK, then you may find yourself having connection troubles today as the provider is currently facing outages across the country, which are currently affecting both business and home broadband customers. According to the Down Detector chart, more than …

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BT: US telecom companies stifle competition

Breaking America is difficult, whether you're a pop star or a giant telecoms company, apparently. UK based BT has called on U.S. regulators to change the current laws on the sale of network usage, making it possible for different companies to access each other's network at a regulated price. As …

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BT relaunches consumer mobile packages

Even though it still has to wait some time for industry regulators to give approval to its purchase of the UK's largest mobile network EE, BT has relaunched its own mobile packages for consumers. Unlike other operators however, it won't be offering any contract packages right off the bat, instead …

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BT officially buying EE for £12.5 billion

British Telecom has announced that for a staggering £12.5 billion, it will be purchasing mobile provider Everything Everywhere (EE), creating one of the largest telecoms companies in the world. The deal will see existing shareholders Deutsche Telecom and Orange sell their current stakes in the business, but receive a small …

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BT may buy EE for £12.5 billion

BT has announced that it is looking to buy network operator, EE, for £12.5 billion, despite rumours suggesting that the company was going to acquire o2. The telecommunications company confirmed today that it has entered exclusivity agreement talks with Deutsche Telekom and Orange in an effort to pick up EE. …

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BT reminds everyone they can appeal ISP blocks

BT, like all the other big ISPs in the UK has repeatedly been forced by lobby groups, through the court system, to block many websites linked with piracy, despite the fact that circumventing the block orders has become incredibly easy. After the latest round of blocks however, BT has begun …

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BT begins blocking private torrent sites

UK based ISP, BT, has gone on another torrent site blocking spree this week, shutting down access to sites that use private trackers and require invites from current members to download from, such as IPTorrents and TorrentDay.  This is the first time that a UK ISP has decided to block …

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O2 might be sold to BT

A rumour has emerged that Telefonica, owner of British based mobile provider and broadband ISP, O2, could sell off the company to BT, in exchange for a 20 per cent stake in the firm. It's thought that such a move would be designed to strengthen both entities in the face …

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