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Supreme Court sides with Samsung in Apple patent case


It looks like Samsung might just wiggle its way out of the $399 million fine it was ordered to pay to Apple after a lengthy patent dispute case, though it won't get out entirely unscathed. Many of you will have likely heard about Apple's lawsuit against Samsung, in which Apple …

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Apple to pay $625 million over infringing Messenger patents

Apple has found itself on the wrong end of a patent infringement suit, with a US judge ordering the company to shell out $625 million over infringing patents with the iMessage and FaceTime services/apps. A jury ruled in favor of a company known as VirnetX, finding Apple guilty of infringing …

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Google is suing BT for copyright infringement

BT Vs Google

Normally when I cover infringement stories here at Kitguru, it's to do with patent arguments between Apple and Samsung, or artists taking a pop at The Pirate Bay, but today it's two giant companies facing off which could end with fireworks. Google, has put BT in its sights, as part …

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Kodak strikes Apple a court room blow

Kodak Kick

Kodak filed for bankruptcy in January of this year and has been trying to sell some patents in order to pay off creditors. Apple wasn't keen on that, since it claimed to own a fair few of the patents Kodak was shopping around. However, this week a Judge sided with …

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