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John Mcafee and Kim Dotcom in he-said, she-said Twitter battle

When it comes to pointing fingers and entertaining their fan bases online, Kim Dotcom and John McAfee are two of the best at it, but now there’s a problem between them. Whether you are on their side in their respective legal and business ventures or not doesn’t matter, in this case, they claim it’s all the other guy’s fault.

Supposedly, this latest beef between them began when MGT capital, a security investment firm headed by McAfee, approached Kim Dotcom to invest $30 million in cash and stock in his planned MegaUpload 2.0 file locker. Dotcom claims however, that the company has no value yet and that MGT wanted to use the announcement as a way to generate the value of the investment.

By his own words, Dotcom then turned the offer down. Likewise a follow up $500,000 investment to announce a letter of intent to do business together.

Dotcom went on to accuse MGT Capital and John McAfee of being involved in ‘pump and dump’ trading with the firm, hoping to raise its stock value with an announcement, only to sell it on once it spikes.

As you might expect, outspoken individual and once-upon-a-time Libertarian presidential hopeful, John McAfee, didn’t take this very well, especially when Dotcom started calling him a bully.

According to TorrentFreak though, this back and forth didn’t start because of an investment offer, it came about because Eric Anderson (Eijah), head of DemonSaw, a company endorsed by McAfee, was planning to work with Dotcom on MegaUpload 2.0. Or so it seemed. He has since announced that he’s not leaving MGT Capital and has a great relationship with McAfee.

According to Dotcom though, he was scared into making such a statement. Supposedly when Dotcom gave the job to Eijah, McAfee wasn’t happy.


McAfee went on to threaten Dotcom, claiming that within the next 24 hours, he would start a war that cannot be undone.

Now we await the first salvo.

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KitGuru Says: As much as this seems like Twitter nonsense drama, it’s interesting to look at the different kinds of professionals Dotcom is looking to surround himself with for his new project. You also have to wonder if McAfee is a little hard up if he’s potentially trying some schemes to generate funds for the firm he now heads. 

Image Source: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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