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Kim Dotcom releases $24 million music video, ‘Good Life’

Kim Dotcom might not be living the good life so much these days, having moved out of his mansion and facing extradition, but he did once. Back before his arrest in 2012, he did just about whatever he wanted, when he wanted, as his recently re-released song, ‘Good Life' attests to. Featuring footage shot before the downfall of MegaUpload, Dotcom claims that the video cost as much as $24 million to make.

It starts with shots of the Dotcom rented mansion in New Zealand, which the German entrepreneur recently vacated after several years of residence. Many of the man's cars are seen on its driveway, most heavily customised and used in races like the Gumball 3000 and in private events held by Dotcom on the Nürburgring (as per NZHerald).

The video also shows a purported $10 million yacht holiday that Dotcom took several years prior, as well as various activities, all with sweeping camera shots from helicopters and some relatively impressive CGI too.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDiili2Gs-0′]

Part of the associated costs with this video however come from the perfection that Dotcom reportedly levied against those involved in its production, retaking shots over and over to achieve the perfect effect. Such are the days of an internet millionaire; as Dotcom himself says in the song, “sleep all day, party all night, have whatever you want, whenever you like.”

But if all of this was shot back in 2011, why did Dotcom only just release it? Partly because of his extradition trial proceedings, partly because of his founding of the Internet Mana political party. Flaunting wealth, especially when attempting to raise awareness of often underprivileged Maori minority would not have been a smart political play.

Apparently though now Dotcom hopes to use the video to inspire people. Its description reads: “A fat kid and school dropout from a poor family made his dreams come true. You can do it too.”

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KitGuru Says: Do you feel inspired? Or perhaps just a little green? That yacht does look like a lot of fun. 

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