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Lian Li put a PC in a Yacht case at CeBIT 2016

It wouldn’t be CeBIT without Lian Li putting a PC in something a little bit different, so when our man on the scene, Leo Waldock wandered past the booth and saw a purpose built yacht chassis, containing its very own small-form-factor PC, we had to check it out. This chassis …

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Kim Dotcom releases $24 million music video, ‘Good Life’

Kim Dotcom might not be living the good life so much these days, having moved out of his mansion and facing extradition, but he did once. Back before his arrest in 2012, he did just about whatever he wanted, when he wanted, as his recently re-released song, ‘Good Life’ attests to. Featuring …

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‘Penniless’ Dotcom asks court to release funds

Kim Dotcom is a larger than life personality, known for his extravagant displays of wealth as much as he is his entrepreneurial ventures and political aspirations. Still, while you can find plenty of pictures from the past decade showing him on private jets, with heavily modified cars and lounging in …

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