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Pirate Party Proxy to close, avoids potential bankruptcy

In order to prevent the organisation and the individuals behind it from facing financial crisis, Loz Kaye and the other members of the Pirate Party (PPUK) have taken the difficult step to take down the Pirate Bay Proxy, in the face of BPI legal threats.

Back at the end of November, PPUK was sent a request by the British Phonographic Industry, asking them to take down their proxy which allowed those unable to access torrent search site, The Pirate Bay, by traditional means, to circumvent the blocks put in place earlier this year by the UK's top five ISPs. Of course the Pirate Party refused, leading to a BPI demand ten days later, with the threat of legal action.

Unfortunately, despite suggesting that his party would fight the good fight, after receiving extensive legal advice, PPUK has announced that it will shut down the proxy.

While we have yet to hear from the party's leader, Mr Loz Kaye, Frances, Nash, the party's legal representative at Manchester solicitors, Ralli, said: “Despite attempts by elected members to resolve this situation, the law at present is clear and makes any decision to continue hosting the proxy untenable.”

“This is not the outcome the party wanted however, any challenge to this proposed action would make it financially impossible for the party to deal with other issues for which they actively campaign on a daily basis,” he said.

Despite claiming to represent thee music industry in the UK, we hear otherwise

While the initial reaction of many is to be annoyed that the PPUK didn't face off against the BPI in a court room, especially after so many donated their own money to help with the legal effort, considering the size of the opponents, it's understandable. While the Pirate Party might be slowly growing in support and recognition, the BPI is a group who's members amount to some of the most financially successful music and media companies in the world – together worth billions of pounds.

The statement from PPUK's legal advisor finished by reiterating the party's message, that: “The Pirate Party strongly believe that site blocking is both disproportionate and ineffective and will continue to lobby for digital rights and their wider manifesto.”

For those who have made donations, PPUK should be getting in touch to offer a refund for your donation, so don't feel too out of pocket if you've already contributed.

KitGuru Says: While this is a shame, it's more of a moral victory for the BPI than anything really substantial. There are thousands of proxies still out there if you do a bit of searching. And of course it's not even like every single British ISP has blocked the site. I hear Plus.net have some good deals at this time of year.

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