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Pirate Party UK celebrates sixth birthday, reminisces

Although Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party has been the most attention grabbing, alternative party championing online freedoms in recent years, Europe’s various Pirate Parties have been holding the fort for the better part of a decade. In the UK in-fact, it’s just celebrated its sixth birthday, at which time the head, Cris Chesha …

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Pirate Party Iceland gains parliamentary seat

Following on from the announcement that the Pirate Bay would now be hosted on the small island nation of Iceland, the local Pirate Party there has now managed to surpass the five per cent of the vote needed in a general election, in order to garner a seat in parliament, …

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Authorities threaten Swedish Pirate Party

Pirate Party Sweden

Our own British Pirate Party has been targeted by copyright lobbyists in the past, and it’s happening again with the Swedish version. Copyright lobby group “Rights Alliance” is threatening to sue the political party if it doesn’t cease its hosting of The Pirate Bay website. The letter sent to the …

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Pirate Party UK threatened with BPI legal action

Following up from its request last week for the Pirate Party UK to remove the Pirate Bay (TPB) proxy from its website, The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) has now threatened the political party with legal action if it doesn’t comply. While so far PPUK has only received a letter, informing it …

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