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BT reminds everyone they can appeal ISP blocks

BT, like all the other big ISPs in the UK has repeatedly been forced by lobby groups, through the court system, to block many websites linked with piracy, despite the fact that circumventing the block orders has become incredibly easy. After the latest round of blocks however, BT has begun …

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Piracy Crime Unit PIPCU secures funding until 2017

The City of London's Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) is a government funded organisation dedicated to clamping down on intellectual property and copyright infringements, most notably online piracy. It's been in operation for a few years now and clearly the government is pleased with its progress, as it's now …

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Google to drop Youtube Indie music over contracts

Google looks set to strip a number of Indie artists from its Youtube video streaming site due to contract disputes, with the upcoming launch of its paid for, music subscription service. This will see artists like Adele and Radiohead, blocked on the site “in a matter of days,” if the …

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BPI just blocked another load of torrent sites

It seems like every few months I write one of these pieces. Back in May I wrote about how the BPI was “still,” having torrent and download sites blocked by British ISPs, despite the fact that we all know it does diddly squat to those sites' usage numbers and if …

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HMV PR head leaves for job at BPI

Head of PR over at HMV, Gennaro Castaldo, has left the firm after almost three decades of employment, to take up a position at the internet's favourite hate group, the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), famous for the ineffective blocks it lobbied to have put into place against websites like the …

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ISPs begin block of KickassTorrents, H33T and Fenopy

The blockade of a fresh batch of file sharing websites has begun, with the major ISPs in the UK blocking their customers from accessing Fenopy, Kickasstorrents and H33T. Of course this won't stop 99 per cent of visitors who already have ways around the blocks thanks to a plethora of …

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UK High Court rules ISPs must block more torrent sites


While we've known this was likely to happen for some time, it's only today that the High Court has officially made its ruling: torrent search sites Fenopy, Kickass Torrents and H33T, must be blocked by all major ISPs thanks to pressure from the British Phonographic Industry (BPI). The BPI has …

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Does BitTorrent equal piracy?

BitTorrent No

This is the question being asked today by Bit Torrent inc. in a new initiative to help detractors of the file sharing medium understand the true benefits, beyond those that use it to get free copies of the latest and greatest movies. With a new site called, doesbittorrentequalpiracy.com – try …

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Pirate Party UK threatened with BPI legal action

Following up from its request last week for the Pirate Party UK to remove the Pirate Bay (TPB) proxy from its website, The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) has now threatened the political party with legal action if it doesn't comply. While so far PPUK has only received a letter, informing it …

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BPI asks Pirate Party UK to close Pirate Bay proxy

Promo Bay

Since The Pirate Bay (TPB) was blocked by the major ISPs in the UK earlier this year, the Pirate Party has been running a proxy to allow people to easily circumvent the block. Now though, the British Phonographic Organisation (BPI) has sent a request, asking that it be removed. Of …

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BPI claim that 1.2 billion songs were stolen in 2010

The BPI is painting a rather damning picture of the music download scene in 2010, claiming that 1.2 billion songs were illegally downloaded in 2010, costing the music industry £984 million. On the BPI site they say: “In 2010, illegal music downloading continues to rise in the UK.  The number …

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Music Mafia threatens Google with hit?

The music industry is a lap dancer. Pure and simple. It wants to fill the room with it, plaster it everywhere, wave it right in front of your nose and then imprison you if you have the audacity to put a finger on its product. KitGuru just read an article …

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