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Steam profiles just got shaken up

Valve has added a new feature to Steam profiles, making it possible for people to gain levels for community actions, alongside the traditional badge system which rewards certain tasks being completed. Not every territory has it just yet, as Valve is rolling it out slowly over the next few days, but soon enough, all of us should be able to level up, in Steam.

As you complete tasks, like adding a profile picture, or linking up social networking accounts with your Steam profile, you’ll earn experience. Once you reach the threshold, you level up. You’ve played an RPG before, you know how it works.


British profiles have yet to gain the leveling feature, but some US users have begun posting screenshots of their newly updated profiles over at Reddit (via PCGamesN). However, once it is implemented I don’t think I’ll be getting much in the way of a level. My badge collection at the moment is woefully unimpressive. I have one for five years long service (Rimmer still has me beat) and another for taking part in a Winter 2011 sale.

KitGuru Says: Hardly level 10 material. How many badges have the rest of you got? I bet you’re all veritable generals, aren’t you?

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