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Sony copyrights PS4 tagline, Greatness Awaits

Sony has had some famous taglines for its consoles over the years, often with several significant ones landing with each generation. Often though there’s one that sticks in your memory a little more. With the PS One it was “Do not underestimate the power of PlayStation,” while the PS2 had the ever creepy “Third Place” adverts. The PS3 has a long list of them according to its Wikipedia, “The Wait is Over,” and the generic, “This is Living.” Now though Sony has patented a new phrase, which many believe is the slogan for the next PlayStation, the PS4. It reads: “Greatness Awaits.”

How about… “PS4… show us the damn hardware already.”

According to Siliconera, Greatness Awaits, will also make an appearance in an upcoming PS4 advert that will feature both the new Killzone game and Destiny. Like many great console related adverts, this one is set to be ridiculous in its gravity. Some of the leaked script purportedly has a narrator talking to the viewer, “who are you to be afraid?,” and “who are you to be ordinary? You could get away with murder, or raise the dead,” it says.

KitGuru Says: I remember the PS2 “Third Place” adverts being very creepy when I was a young-un. Any of you guys have memories of favourite console adverts? 

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