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Google Music vs Spotify

Google Music could be the first real competitor for streaming music service Spotify, after the search giant signing several high profile deals with three major labels to distribute their songs through its platform. A dominant music service would give Google one more notch in its belt in the mobile computing world.

As it stands, the Android operating system is dominating in smartphone uptake and of course it already has a virtual monopoly in the search game. Then there’s the popularity of Chrome, Gmail and other Google app services; a dominance in music would just further cement Google as the top dog in most major software tech markets – especially in the handheld device game.

Google already has a music service running on its Google + social network

However, while this rumour – reported by Telegraph – would give Google a nice boost to start itself off, it will need to do a lot more to become a true rival to Spotify, which at this time boasts over six million paying subscribers and when combined with the non-paying users, there’s nearly 30 million of them. It also has a much more stacked song library, making Google’s fledgling service seem a little ropey in comparison.

Google is set to unveil its music service this week during the I/O developers conference being held this week in San Francisco.

KitGuru Says: Personally, I’ve been using the Torch browser music service we talked about a few days ago. What do you guys use for music?

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