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Fractal Design Tesla R2 1000W PSU Review

Rating: 7.5.

Today we are looking at the Fractal Design Tesla R2 1000W, a high output power supply which achieves a very competitive price point in the United Kingdom, around £130 inc vat. While this unit isn’t modular, it does achieve 80 Plus Gold Certification and has a full 3 year warranty. Is it worth the modest outlay?

The Tesla R2 utilises a single +12V rail and has a large 135mm fan inside which is temperature controlled. There are three other models in the Tesla R2 range, a 500W, a 650W and a 800W unit. We looked at the Newton R3 1000W back in March, although it is more expensive, modular and 80 Plus Platinum certified.

In the UK the Newton R3 1000W ships with a £35-£40 price premium over the Tesla R2 1000W.

Key features

  • 80PLUS® Gold
  • Single, powerful 12V rail
  • SLI (650W and up) and CrossFireX Certified
  • Long-life ball-bearing fan

80 PLUS® Gold certified efficiency
Tesla R2 Series PSUs meet the 80 PLUS® Gold specification for providing power with an efficiency that surpasses most power supplies available today. This efficiency produces positive environmental impact, as well as reduces electricity bills. Additionally, because Tesla R2 PSUs generate less heat, they provide power at lower fan speeds, which results in reduced noise levels.

Excellent electrical performance
Tesla R2 Series PSUs feature excellent DC voltage regulation and ripple suppression; they can deliver their full-rated wattage continuously even with an intake temperature as high as 40°C (80% of maximum load at 50°C).

SLI and CrossFireX support
Tesla R2 Series PSUs (650W and up) are tested and certified compatible with the latest graphics cards.

Compliant with the latest standard
Tesla R2 Series PSUs is compliant with the latest PC PSU standard: ATX12V 2.31.

Silent, temperature-controlled 135mm fan
Generally, larger fans move more air with less noise than smaller fans: Tesla R2 Series PSUs are equipped with a large, low-speed, 135 mm fan, which keeps noise level down.

Single powerful 12V rail
To provide maximum support for modern components, Tesla R2 Series PSUs deliver their full power from a single 12V rail.

Extra-Long ATX12V cable
Tesla R2 Series PSUs are equipped with a 700mm long 12V (“P4”) connector cable, which accommodates bottom-mounted-PSU computer cases.

Long-life Ball-bearing fan
Tesla R2 Series PSUs are equipped with ball-bearing fans, which provide the longest expected fan life available on the market.

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  • Ben

    Hell of a price, must be the cheapest 1000W gold plus ive seen.

  • Joe

    2 molex connectors? and non modular? seems they are chasing high wattage rather than getting the rest of the design right for the high end audience.

  • Rt23ds

    Looks like a well built unit, I like fractal, always build their stuff well.

  • Andy

    id buy this in a heartbeat, but its nonmodular, my last non modular power supply was a nightmare to work with, especially in my current case as its crap for hiding cables.

    Not bad, but ill go for 850W modular design for same price.

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