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Fox TV sued Simpsons linker for $10 million

A few weeks ago we published a story going over a lawsuit against an Ex-Admin of the torrent site, Swebits. That Ex-Admin was being fined over half a million dollars in damages for uploading one movie but that's nothing compared to what this guy's got coming to him. An un-named owner of two popular sites linking to episodes of both Family Guy and The Simpsons has been sued by Fox TV for $10 million, even though he didn't host any of the infringing content himself.

Fox's lawyers are pursuing the money the man owes as hard as they can, the Ex-Admin tells TorrentFreak:

“Fox are pursuing for the money and they are doing so as hard as they possibly can. They've ruined my life and continue to do so as long as they don't leave me and my family alone. As it's been referenced by a lawyer: ‘they are killing a fly with a nuke',”.


To make things worse, the ex-website owner couldn't even afford a lawyer to give him a fighting chance in court, as a result, Fox is mercilessly taking him for everything he's worth. The problem is, this man didn't infringe copyright directly, he just pointed people in the right direction:

“Fox takes no mercy when destroying your life as you once knew it and then begins to drag your new life down as much as possible as well. I don't wish this upon anyone and simply wish the dinosaurs would just give their consumers what they want – which is to be able to stream their videos online easy, fast, worldwide.”

WatchFamilyGuyOnline and WatchTheSimpsonsOnline, were brought to Fox's attention when the site started gaining millions of visitors a day but just because the website had visitors doesn't mean the owner was making any money from it.

KitGuru Says: Fox are pursuing the money owed but if the guy couldn't even afford a lawyer, I don't see how they expect him to suddenly cough up 10 million. Instead of Squashing the little guy, maybe the company should have created its own world wide streaming service so that sites like WatchTheSimpsonsOnline wouldn't need to exist. 

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